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Windows CE 6.0 Offcially Lanuched

November 4, 2006

Windows CE 6.0 was officially launched 1st of November.
There was also a virtual launching event with training session and labs.
The major change is to the kernel and the tools.
Finally we are free from the 32MB VM per process. Hooray!
If you been developing memory intensive applications, you know how pain-in-the-ass this limitation has been.
Now we are given 2GB of VM per process.
Also platform builder is integrated into Visual Studio 2005.
I just hope its supported for Windows Mobile Adaptation Kits, too.
Here are some links related to the new version of the OS.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Launch event recorded

The CE6 OS differences in a nutshell

The CE6 tools differences in a nutshell

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CE6 Virtual Launch Keynote: Post 3 (Q&A)

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